Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Ocean is Bleeding.

I was going to take a break from blogging over the summer, and I confess that my posts will be shorter and slightly less in-depth; however the practice seems to have seeped into my weekly routine and therefore I am going to try and write some short pieces and share information I find along the way!

Obviously the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has heightened everyone’s awareness of the fragility of the oceans, the vulnerability of our dependence upon its bounty and the devastating effects our reliance on oil has wrought.  With globs of red tar washing up on Florida beaches last week I heard a newscaster say that it was almost as if the ocean was bleeding.  As my heart breaks with every picture of an oil covered bird, marsh grasses tainted brown and fisher folk despairing over how they will survive the future, I wonder how we explain all this to the children.

Educator David Sobel cautions us to be careful of how much doom and gloom we expose young children to and yet with this recent incident it is hard to imagine that children have escaped the painful images.  Perhaps one way to talk to children about such events is to focus on the gifts and beauty that the oceans provide; and to remind them that while we are currently so dependent on oil, that in their lifetimes they will bear witness to an incredible transformation as we switch to clean Energy sources.  Get them excited about this, ask them about their ideas to become part of the Solution!
Learning about the ocean must also include learning the basics about water – here is a great website with Resources and links.  World Ocean Day is June 8th – maybe a bit late to organize something this week, but plan for next year, although simply acknowledging and celebrating the ocean on that day is a start!  The Smithsonian’s  Ocean Portal provides a wonderful view into the ocean for anyone to explore with an Educators Corner providing resources.
Songs:  The Coral reef song and Dolphin teach Us To Play are up on my MySpace Page  and Raffi's Baby Beluga is always a favorite!  Sing one of them on World Ocean Day!
Story:  Here is an amazing website with Stories of the Ocean from around the world!

Yes, the oil spill is a terrible disaster that will have repercussions for years, but lets hope that out of it may come a stronger resolve to lessen our collective addiction to oil and work to bring clean energy solutions everywhere.
Have a great week everyone.
In gratitude for life and this precious Earth!

More Clean Energy Resources:
Drawings by: Rosie Emery
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