Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Boys Do Their Share!

It’s a weird thing, that three o’clock in the morning, wide-awake situation that happens every now and then.  Usually I just toss and turn, counting sheep and reciting every mantra I’ve ever learned ad nauseum; but this a.m. I was zapped with a sudden inspiration to write this Post.

Father’s Day’s coming up (June 20th) and my interest in all things “father” was peaked by Natural Papa's Blog Post featuring the Good Men Project.    (Interesting that it is also World Solar Day June 19th and the Sun is called “Father Sun”  by many indigenous peoples.)
Obviously I think it’s really important to nurture environmental stewardship in both boys and girls, however, through my experience visiting hundreds of schools I have noticed that girls seem to gravitate more toward eco-clubs and earth-friendly projects.   I am sure it all evens out as they all grow into adulthood, but nevertheless it can do no harm to share with kids some of the male role models in nature whose paternal attributes are worthy of notice.

Here are some examples to share with your kids or students:
1.  The Sea Horse:  This uniquely delightful fish is one of the only animal species on earth in which the male bears the unborn young!
2. Emperor Penguins: While the females make an arduous trek in search of food, it is the males who delicately balance and protect the eggs from the bitter cold elements.
3.  Emu:  The female emu lays the eggs, but it is the male who incubates them and once hatched, takes care of the chicks for up to six months!

If we are to overcome the challenges of the future, we need every boy and girl to understand that it is all of our responsibilities to care for and protect the living systems of this earth.  World Governments voted last week to set up an international body to spearhead the battle against the destruction of the natural world!  Imagine that we have to do such a thing!  One day, our children’s children will look back on this time and say “what were they thinking?”

Song: The Boys Do Their Share!– sing the song to celebrate this Father’s Day!
And here’s a Fun Video: Why's Daddy Crying? -  by JC Little of Little Animation Inc.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am writing shorter posts over the summer, particularly over the next week or so, as I am traveling and working on a new project.  I will, however, be writing from time to time and come the fall will continue with more prolific posts!  I appreciate those of you who are followers and anyone who happens to take the time to read my ramblings!  Have a great week!
In gratitude for life and this precious Earth!

Photo of Penguins: Ian Duffy - Wikimedia Commons

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