Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Backyard!

My new CD is out!  It’s the birth of a new collection of songs celebrating this whole wide beautiful world that is our backyard!  After all, each corner of this spectacular planet is someone’s backyard!
It’s been over 20 years since I began this journey of weaving songs into a narrative about the natural world - a no brainer really that I would do such a thing, since I am passionate abut both music and I grew up in Sherwood Forest with the Major Oak as my cradle! (The Major Oak is an ancient tree which is hollow inside – as a child I would crawl inside and spend many an afternoon daydreaming there!)

Music and nature enhance human lives, and I hope this new collection of songs will bring delight and joy to all those who listen, as well as encourage a renewed exploration of backyards everywhere!
Nature is filled with the sounds of music; from the cacophony of the dawn chorus to the rustling of leaves, (different in each tree) and our ears can be trained to become finely tuned to the myriad of musical notes present in each moment if we so choose. I have been somewhat remiss in keeping this Blog current, due in large part to the work load created by the new television show, Curious Kids! that I began producing last September.  I will, however, be making a concerted effort to write more frequently in the future, so please stay tuned!  

My new Website is finally ready so please come and visit!  I welcome your comments or feedback on it!  You can listen to some of the songs from the new CD on the website and there is a free song to download along with a coloring page!

You can find a Lesson Plan for Verse One of the song Butterflies Kissing by clicking on the word "butterfly" in the adjacent Label Cloud!  Enjoy these summer days and playing outdoors with your children!  I am a new Grandmother and I am excited to watch my grandson grow; I look forward to introducing him to the wonders of nature.
Be well!