Thursday, September 10, 2009

New to this!

Well, I am new to this part of the networking, so please bear with me as I get going!

I am passionate about teaching kids how we are all interconnected. For the past twenty years I have toured Canada and the United States, performing my concerts in hundreds of schools and giving numerous programs for children and educators.

I am first and foremost a singer/songwriter.....however, I have never liked to limit myself, to box myself into some tag-title, since I believe each person is an ever evolving being and as such not limited by one-liners. Over the years my career has evolved into several different streams which have, however, always retained the original theme of interconnectedness!

Currently I am developing programs for children that synthesize environmental education/wellness and the arts. So, I will be sharing with any readers, all that I discover as I weave the knowledge that I glean into fun resources for early childhood education!

Today I have discovered a book called Smart By Nature written by Michael K. Stone/Center for Ecoliteracy - I have to order it, but I am excited!!

I think that it is important that we convey to young children the understanding that we are part of this Earth, not separate from it, and therefore it behooves us to take care of it. A healthy Earth is the first step to a Healthy Human!

Providing educators with fun, effective resources that demonstrate how we are connected to food, how and where food is grown; how eating fresh food, (organic if possible), helps build the foundation of a strong body.

Finding a unique and fun way of teaching this is my, if this is something that interests you...stay tuned!!


The Little earth Charter

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