Sunday, August 8, 2010

Setting Our Intentions!

I heard something this week that I just loved; it was someone describing how their mother arose each day before dawn just so that she could send out her intention for the day.  As if by witnessing the dawn, and sending out one’s prayers, one could partake in influencing the unfolding of that day in a positive way. 

Sages have long practiced such early morning meditation for exactly this reason; sending out their intentions and prayers to heal and inspire all beings.  

With kids heading back to school, I wanted to share this idea with teachers so that perhaps this semester they could gather their students together and collectively set their intentions to protect and preserve this very battered planet and help build a more peaceful, just, kind and harmonious world in which we can all live. 

So here are a few ideas of how it could be a fun and joyful experience!

Morning Circle:  People have gathered in circles since the dawn of time; sitting in a circle allows us to see each person’s face, to listen to our fellow compatriots on this journey and get to know them a little better.  Share a song, or a poem that will set the tone for the day.  Invite each child to share one thing that they might do that day to help protect the earth; or some action they could take to bring kindness to another person, or an animal.  Create a Talking Stick and use it each time you gather in circle.

Pledge to Act!  Margaret Meade’s famous quote “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” is empowering.  Each one of us can make a change in our daily lives that helps to reduce our footprint on this earth, brings peace to others and builds a foundation of trust and harmony; all it takes is our decision to do so.  Make it a daily, or weekly event, to make a pledge with the children.

The Little Earth Charter;  this program for children provides a fun springboard from which to create activities that focus on protecting the earth and being socially responsible.

Songs:  Friends of the Earth is a great song to learn – it is a wonderful song to incoporate sign language.  I have had numerous student bodies sing this song to me and sign it as they are singing.  You can hear it at  Little Animation For Kids Just go to the Music Section.  Dolphin Teach Us To Play is another one that illustrates the joy and harmony of life.

Photo by Tessa Emery


  1. Awesome post! I hope to pass some of these on to my son's teachers this year!

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