Friday, November 13, 2009

The Little Earth Charter!

A few years ago I had the good fortune to meet JC Little, an incredibly talented animator and President of Little Animation Inc.  I was searching for someone who could help me create a little character called Rosie who would carry my songs into the future with flair!  And voila, there was JC!  She had already created a Planet Earth a character for her series Kids Stories International! and was looking to expand her ideas!
So, one thing led to another and Shazam! JC created little Rosie and we decided to merge the two characters into Earth to Rosie! who would host of a series of  value-rich, fun, animation content for children 4-8.
I shared with JC some of the work I had been doing with the International Earth Charter Initiative and she suggested creating a little Earth Charter, that would introduce children to the concepts outlined in the grownup Earth Charter document in a language kids could relate to, animation and music!  We wanted to create a product for teachers and parents that would integrate universal and environmental values and act as a springboard to introduce students to a wide variety of subjects within the curriculum.
In consultation with the Earth Charter Initiative and Manitoba’s Ministry of Education Citizenship and Youth, Little Animation Inc. and the Sustainable Development Innovations Fund with Manitoba Conservation provided funding for the project, which is now completed and available on DVD in English and French! The DVD comes with a teaching Guide and its content relates directly to learning standards for Grades Pre K-3: earth science, physical science, life science, ecology, environmental studies, geography, history, social studies, citizenship education, and moral education. 
Since I cannot post a video on this Blog page, I have posted the video for Principle Number One – Life - on my MySpace page Blog . 
You can view Principle Number Two, Interconnected on our  Website  We have a Little Earth Charter Facebook Group and invite you to join us there and to share this amazing program with other teachers.  If you like what you find, you can buy the DVD  which comes with a Teaching Guide, at our website.
JC and I continue to develop and produce programs in the Earth To Rosie! brand and you can find some great interactive games for kids on our website  such as The Footprint Game, Rosie’s Heart, Passion Fashion as well as Rosie playing some of my songs!
Have fun and let us know what you create!  On our website you can see what teachers around the world have created using the Little Earth Charter!
In gratitude for life!

The Little Earth Charter is directed by JC Little, the eight shorts have been animated by 1996 Oscar nominee Alexei Kharitidi, with music performed and arranged by children’s entertainer Rosie Emery.

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