Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wriggly, Wiggly, Worms!

Most people don’t get too excited about worms, they’re not exactly the poster critter for major environmental organizations! However, without those wriggly, wiggly, worms, we probably wouldn’t have a whole lot of food to eat since they and all the other minute organisms and bacteria….not to mention all the fungi ….break down the soil and contribute to its health!

Here’s an interesting explanation of soil for young children.

I think that one of our biggest disconnects begins in school when we are taught that soil is “dirt”!! I mean, hello? Implying that the very substance that nourishes our food, therefore our life, is “dirty” might just be setting us up to have a sub-conscious aversion to it.

So by introducing your kids to the benefits of soil, it’s true name and some of the funky creatures that are constantly chowing down on it to turn it into a healthy eco-system, you are doing them a HUGE favor!!

I don’t have a worm song yet, though I am working on a fungi song!! But I do have an Ant song – which I shall put up today on my MySpace page in case any of you would like to incorporate it into your class or just play it for your kids!

Here’s how ants help to break down the soil:

I’ll keep you posted on the worm song – in the meantime, enjoy sharing with your kids the wonders of wormdom!

Have a great day!

For the earth…Rosie

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